The following terms and conditions show the commitment of you (the Client/parent/legal guardian) and the to the subscriptions to the BSD Code Club. By confirming registration and settling full payments, you confirm that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and accept the terms as detailed herein on behalf of the student named on the form.

This agreement is governed by Hong Kong law and any dispute will be dealt with under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts. No variation to these conditions is effective unless made in writing and signed by a Director of BSD Code + Design Academy (BSD).


Parents can select different packages for children base on their availability. BSD offers a range of Subscription Packages for Code Club:

CODE CLUB CODING CLASSES (Mon/Wed/Thu 4:30 – 6:30pm & Sat 2-4pm)

  • PER CLASS – Pay as you go, No Commitment
  • ONCE PER WEEK (MONTHLY) – Select a specific day of each week, pre-pay for the month*
  • WEEKDAYS UNLIMITED – Pre-pay for unlimited access to all weekday classes (Mon, Wed, Thu) for the month^

*Package prices remain the SAME no matter there are 4 or 5 weeks on the monthly calendar for the specific weekday selected

^ Package prices remain the SAME no matter there are 12-15 weekday classes on the calendar

CODE CLUB ROBOTICS CLASSES (Saturdays 12 – 3:30pm)

  • PER CLASS – Pay as you go, No Commitment

PROMOTION PACKAGES (Pre-paying for 3-Month/6-Month)

  • If pre-paid for any 3-Month or 6-Month subscription packages, parents are allowed to request freezing their children’s subscriptions (on per month basis only) in between if in case it overlaps with school holidays or exam periods. Details please refer to MAKE-UP CLASSES & LEAVE REQUESTS section.
  • The validity of all pre-paid 3-Month packages are SIX MONTHS, and all 6-Month packages are TWELVE MONTHS from the FIRST DAY of the month the student commences class with the package.
  • All pre-paid subscribed courses must be consumed before the abovementioned validity, or the remaining credits will be forfeited after without further notice.

All Monthly Packages are charged as for 1st day to the last day of the month.

For the package pricing/ promotion and course details, please refer to AFTER SCHOOL CODE CLUB page.


Parents can settle payments for student’s Code Club Subscription Packages by one of the following options:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Paypal (Credit Card)
  3. Cheque
  4. Cash
  • All registrations for the subscription packages are only confirmed once the full payment has been settled. Upon the moment when full payments are settled, it means you have read and accept it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance.
  • Full Payments must be settled PRIOR to the start of class. BSD reserves the right to deny admission if student’s account balance has not been settled without pre-arrangement/explanation from parents.
  • Please note that all payments are NON-REFUNDABLE once settled.
  • If under any circumstances students are unable to attend the pre-paid subscribed classes, make-up classes can be accommodated (refer to MAKE-UP CLASSES & LEAVE REQUESTS section), or parents can opt for having the pre-paid amount as credits for future spending on other courses with BSD.
  • All credits must be consumed within 6 months from the date of transaction completed, or it will be forfeited after the abovementioned time period.


BSD is CLOSED on all Hong Kong Public Holidays that are on WEEKDAYS. If the designated public holiday falls on a SATURDAY, Code Club classes will remain as USUAL.

All Code Club Monthly Subscription Packages remain the SAME PRICE, even if some specific month(s) may include public holidays that when BSD will be closed. Please be aware that Make-Up Classes in this case can be arranged but are subject to availability only. BSD will try our best to accommodate requests, yet kindly note that no compensation is guaranteed if the alternative dates offer by BSD failed to match student’s schedule.

Make-Up Classes will be accommodated to students who are affected if BSD office is closed due to business decisions (e.g. The week of Christmas). BSD will ensure make these announcements in advance via email or phone calls to parents, providing enough lead time for further arrangements.

In the event of dispute, BSD holds the rights to the final decision.



FREEZING SUBSCRIPTION (Only applicable for ANY Pre-paid 3-Month/6 Month Packages)

  • Freezing subscription is available for any students who have subscribed and pre-paid for 3-Month/ 6-Month Packages
  • Freezing subscription can only be on PER MONTH BASIS
  • All requests for freezing membership requires at least 7-day notice in advance to the start of the requested month

MAKE-UP CLASSES (Only applicable for Pre-paid ONCE PER WEEK (MONTHLY/3-Month/6-Month) Packages)

  • Maximum TWO make-up classes can be accommodate per student in each month
  • Students are allowed to make-up their missed class on any other WEEKDAY classes (Mon/Wed/Thu)
  • Make-up classes MUST be taken WITHIN TWO WEEKS BEFORE OR AFTER the date the student was absented, or planning to be absented
  • Make-up classes MUST be booked and confirmed with BSD staff

**Students subscribed to Weekday Unlimited Package are not entitled to any Make-Up Classes arrangement, however can require to freeze subscription if pre-paid for either 3-Month or 6-Month packages)


  • Since Robotics classes have a learning roadmap for each month, therefore unfortunately we will NOT be able to offer any Robotic make-up classes if students are absented.
  • Coding Classes on weekdays can be offered as make-up as an alternative, please confirm with BSD staff for arrangement details



  • Classes will proceed as normal while T1and T3 signals are in force.
  • Classes will be cancelled when T8 or above signals are expected to be in force, or remain in effect, within TWO hours prior to the start of classes. No make-up classes will be compensated under this circumstances.
  • Classes will resume if T8 or above signals are lowered or cancelled TWO hours before the scheduled start time of the class.


  • Classes will proceed as normal while AMBER and RED rainstorm warning signals are issued.
  • When RED rainstorm warning signal is issued, students will be asked to retain after class until it is safe to allow them to proceed home.
  • Classes will be cancelled when BLACK rainstorm warning signals are expected to be in force, or remain in effect, within TWO hours prior to the start of classes. No make-up classes will be compensated under this circumstances.
  • If BLACK rainstorm warning signals are raised when students have set off but before the commencement of classes, BSD will accept those students who arrive and retain them until it is safe to allow them to proceed home.
  • If BLACK rainstorm warning signals are raised when classes are in progress, classes will continue until the end of normal hours, and students are retain until it is safe to leave the establishment.
  • Classes will resume if BLACK rainstorm warning signals are lowered or cancelled TWO hours before the scheduled start time of the class.


On behalf of yourself, your child(ren) and your respective heirs, assigns, personal representatives, executors and administrators, you agree to waive, release, and forever discharge the Company and its respective directors, officers, employees, representatives, managers, members, affiliates and agents (the “Releasees”) from and against any and all liability resulting from loss or damage, and from and against any rights, claims or demands therefor, which you or they have or which may hereafter accrue to you or them arising directly or indirectly out of injury to your person or your property, or that of your child(ren) incurred in connection with your or their use of the property, facilities or services of the Company, whether such damages are caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise.


Good behaviour is expected throughout the classes. There is a clear structure, with stated rules and expectations for students with regard to discipline, tidiness, time keeping, attitudes towards each other. BSD staff ensure that all students will be treated with respect and in turn treat others with respect. Students will learn to listen to each other; respect each other’s opinions, philosophies and beliefs, and they will understand the
need to apologise when necessary. All rules are there to be followed by all and everyone, students and staff alike.

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are banned. All sudents undertake not to damage property or equipment. Any student who exhibits behaviour or language that is considered to be inappropriate will be sent home or excluded from activities during the classes at the discretion of BSD. Any costs arising from inappropriate conduct will be borne entirely by the person signing the application on behalf of the individual concerned.
Students are responsible for their own personal belongings at all times. It is advised that all items are namelabelled; personal items of value are brought to classes at the owner’s risk.


That you, your child(ren) and your respective heirs, assigns, personal representatives, executors and administrators bear the sole risk of injury resulting from your or their use of the property, facilities or services of BSD and hereby assume full responsibility for a risk of any bodily injury, death or property damage arising from such use, whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise.


On behalf of yourself, your child(ren) and your respective heirs, assigns, personal representatives, executors and administrators, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Releasees and each of them from and against any loss, liability, damage or cost they or any of them may incur in connection with you or their use of the property, facilities and services of BSD,  whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise.


The Client hereby verifies that the student, to the best of your knowledge, is free from contagious disease, is fully immunized, and is able to participate in the activities of the classes. Therefore, you hereby confirm that the student: (i) has no psychiatric, medical, and/or physical condition or history which would prevent him/her/them from participating in the activities of the classes and/or endanger himself/herself/themselves or others at BSD; (ii) has not been instructed by any physician to refrain from participating in the activities at BSD; and (iii) is physically fit and able to participate in such activities.


In connection with any injury the student may sustain, or illness or other medical conditions the student may experience during his/her/their participation in or attendance at the classes, the Client authorises any emergency first aid, medication, medical treatment, or surgery deemed necessary by the attending medical personnel if you are not able to act on the student’s behalf. In the event that the Client cannot be contacted in the event of an emergency, you further hereby grant BSD permission to take the participant to a hospital emergency room via ambulance/emergency vehicle. The Client further authorises the attending medical personnel to execute on the student’s behalf any permission forms, consents, or other appropriate documents relating to medical attention. The Client agrees to assume all liability for any expenses incurred in such an emergency (transportation, hospitalization, x-rays, etc.).


I represent that I am the parent, legal guardian or empowered representative of the minor child(ren) in the registration form with the authority to give this waiver and release, and I hereby agree that both my child(ren) and I shall be bound hereby.

Upon the moment when payments are settled and class registration has been confirmed, I agree that the foregoing terms and conditions are intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by law, and any terms and conditions set forth herein found by a court to be void or unenforceable shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other terms and conditions.