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Coding Language JavaScript, hardware and electronics

Dates & Times


Saturdays at 12-3PM

Ages and Levels

10 – 17 year old Kids and Teens

Beginners – Advanced Coders


BSD Academy

18/F, Fu Fai Commercial Centre, 27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan

3 minutes away from Sheung Wan Exit A2

Robotics with BBC’s Microbit

Introduce students to robotics with BBC’s Microbit.¬†Allow them to create personalised gadgets and wearables with code, hardware and electronics. Students start with coding language JavaScript to manipulate and control their creations.

Students will code and store their projects into their portfolios in BSD’s e-learning platform, LaunchBox. Get your kids to create their own polished tech portfolios to impress schools, families and friends!

Monthly Timetable Sample

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Day 1:
What They Will Learn: Introduction to micro:bit and its capabilities & NeoPixel strips
What They Will Build: Basic micro:bit sprints (e.g. showString, on shake)

Day 2:
What They Will Learn: learn about RGB colours & Learn about JavaScript functions and variables.
What They Will Build: Plan & Design their wearables.

Day 3:
What They Will Learn: How to use soldering iron & hot glue gun. Learn how to debug software & hardware.
What They Will Build: Begin building the wearables & How to build electrical circuits. Code and design an online poster.

Day 4:
What They Will Learn: How to use sensors and batteries. Giving and receiving feedback.
What They Will Build: Complete building wearables.

Day 5:
What They Will Learn: How to present your wearables.
What They Will Build: Build a fund-raising website for their wearable.

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